Trophy Engraving & More in Farmington, NM

Aluminum is one of the most popular metals to personalize and customize through engraving. Third Axis Engraving, LLC offers a wide range of aluminum products and a depth of experience when it comes to making these products unique to your needs and vision. In fact, our custom engraving in Farmington, NM spans a wide number of applications including:

  • License plates
  • Dog tags and medals
  • Anodized aluminum art
  • Metal tools

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Thanks to our extreme attention to detail and innate emphasis on precision and quality, our aluminum engravings are revered as some of the best around! Whether you’re showing off a vanity license plate or hanging a dog tag remembrance around your neck, know that our engraving work will make it superior.

Trophies and awards

Looking for someone to engrave a plaque or medal for an award you’re giving out? Need a professional that you can rely on each year for your fantasy football trophy engraving in Farmington, NM? Look no further! We specialize in award and trophy engraving of all types, for a clean finish that rounds out a prestigious award.

Anodized Aluminum Sheets

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Dog Tags & Medals

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Metal Tools

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License Plates & Frames

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For more information about any of our award and trophy engraving capabilities as they pertain to award or laser engraving services for miscellaneous projects in Farmington, Flora Vista, Napi HQ, Upper Fruitland, and Bloomfield, NM, please contact us today by calling 505-402-3907.